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Songs For Endless Cities Vol.1 - Brackles

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"Songs For Endless Cities" is a new series that will be focusing on the new generation of DJs and producers who have a fresh and individual take on an ever evolving electronic scene.

Anyone with a passing interest in new electronic music may have noticed a generational shift over the last few years, and Brackles comes from that new wave of producers, promoters, DJs, hustlers and bustlers who have little to do with the 40+ year old Ibiza veterans still punting out big tunes for ever diminishing creative returns. They’re part of the 'hardcore continuum', but not shackled by it, they play post dubstep / future garage / UK funky but aren’t defined by it, and whilst the likes of Brackles and his contemporaries work dancefloors with the kind of energy only a new, young generation of DJs can, their musical scope and breadth reaches well beyond club confines.

"Songs for Endless Cities" aims to capture a slice of Brackles after hours and out of hours, with the afterglow still burning, maybe the rhythms still bumping, but with the freedom to rove around a bit, enjoying and exploring sound without always having to turn back to the dancefloor. From the langorous, ethereal machine funk of opener Flying Lotus’ "Mr Chippy", and the cosmic-jazz tinged 303 energy of Floating Points' "People’s Potential", the classy, stripped back future-soul of Roska’s "I Need Love" and the UR-style strains of Dorian Concept's "Trilingual Dance Sexperience", to Deadboy’s "If You Want Me," a lethal combination of broken, funky rhythms, futuristic machine drones, disembodied soul diva looped up into hypno oblivion, topped off with an M1 organ riff straight out of the Frog and Nightgown in 1996, "Songs..." never stays in one musical place, but is a very much a coherent whole.


01. Flying Lotus - My Chippy
02. Floating Points - Peoples Potential
03. Zomby - Tarantula
04. Roska - I Need Love Feat. Anesha
05. Brackles - Blo
06. Martin Kemp - No Charisma
07. Kyle Hall - Luv For KMFH
08. Cooly G - Love Dub Refix
09. DJ Dom - Sunshowers
10. DJ Mystery - Speechless Feat. Natalie K
11. Hypno - Over The Top
12. Rishi Romero - African Forest
13. Breach - Fatherless
14. Deadboy - If You Want Me
15. 2562 - Dinosaur
16. Dorian Concept - Trilingual Dance Sexperience
17. Funkineven - Must Move

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