Pleasuredome - Soul Mekanik Remix

Image of FGTH - Pleasuredome - Soul Mekanik Remix
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White Label

About this item

This remix came about as when Danny (Mekanik) and Kelvin (Andrews) were working in SARM studios with Trevor Horn on the most recent Robbie Williams album. By coincidence the management there were working on a Frankie Goes to Hollywood 'Best of’ and were commissioning remixes. Being fans (who isn’t?), Danny and Kelvin got right on it and made this very subtle rework of "Welcome To The Pleasuredome". Mainly following the original version’s structure and instrumentation, the changes are in the detail of the arrangement and a very deftly added dose of ‘oomph’ (technical term), turning a seminal record into a surefire dancefloor bomb. People go bonkers when this is played out - after all, everyone loves a bit of 80s don't they.

Their remix ended up being finished a bit late (what with them being in the middle of working on Robbie’s album) and not getting delivered on time, but, it is kind of brilliant. It’s a shame to keep it locked up, so here's a crafty white label version for all us vinyl junkies.

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