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The National are five displaced Ohioans living in New York - two sets of brothers and one best friend. They play smart, naked, and bracing rock music. This was their debut album from 2001.

No Depression said, 'The National has created nearly a dozen picture-perfect Americana bar-soaked gems with its debut album'. Creative Loafing described it as a 'merciless hybrid of plaintive American folk with the mordant gallows humour of Nick Cave and Jarvis Cocker'. 'Full of simple songs that convey complex emotions', wrote Billboard, 'this dazzling debut should be the portent of good things to come'.


1. Beautiful Head
2. Cold Girl Fever
3. The Perfect Song
4. American Mary
5. Son
6. Pay For Me
7. Bitters & Absolut
8. John’s Star
9. Watching You Well
10. Theory Of The Crows
11. 29 Years
12. Anna Freud

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