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Travellers In Space And Time

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Yep Roc

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Studio-obsessed indie rockers The Apples In Stereo seventh album, "Travellers In Space And Time", their most hi-fi and hook-laden production to date. Described by frontman Robert Schneider as 'retro-futuristic super-pop', the album is the official follow-up to 2007's "New Magnetic Wonder", and the band's second release for Elijah Wood's Simian Records. "Travellers" contains sixteen piano-driven tracks, bubbling over with vocoder harmonies and sci-fi sound effects, like 70's AM radio filtered through a UFO; including the robotic first single "Dance Floor", the four-on-the-floor dream-scape "Hey Elevator", the Hall and Oates-tinged "Told You Once", and the futuristic epic "Dream About The Future," among many instant hits. The musical theme heard in these songs is strung throughout "Travellers": intense pop hooks and electronic sounds, mixed with a pumping, get-up-and-moonwalk beat.
Anyone familiar with The Apples In Stereo's career will know Schneider's ever-evolving production process is as intricate as the recordings he generates. The band spent well over a year in the studio recasting their signature pop sounds in chrome-plated futurism, all while adding a dance-driven vibe channeling ELO, Barry Gibb, and Off The Wall-era Michael Jackson.
The Apples' most ambitious studio production yet.

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