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Heavy hitting hip-hop here from Endemic, a Nottingham-bred producer now living in Brooklyn. Originally released in 2009 on CD only, "Terminal Illness" contains a vertible roster of US rappers - including Wu-Tang affiliate Killah Priest - plus a sterling turnout of UK talent.. The style is kinda a mix between Dilla influenced rap with some volatile verses and smokey loops. There's a heavy helping of boom-bap but there's also that kinda fiery, UK indie spirit running through it all. Rough around the edges yet delivered with a kinda creative perfection that wastes nothing across its 2-sides of wax.

I'm really surprised this hasn't causes more of a stir to be honest. Maybe it's cos it only got released on CD on an indie label, overshadowed by the majors with bigger marketing budgets. Whatever the reason, it's certainly a pleasure to hear this energized dosier of street fables and ruff beats pressed on wax for the first time. Highly recommended! 


Side 1
1. Timbo King - Robin Hood Theory (feat Planet Asia) (3:02)
2. The Wisemen - Can't Stand To Wake Up (Motown Grown) (4:01)
3. Sean Price, Ruste Juxx & Sav Killz - Comin To Kill (4:02)
4. Leathafase, Melanin 9 & Cyrus Malachi - Political Criminals (3:46)
5. Masikah - Hypocrites (feat Melanin 9) (3:55)
6. Killah Priest & Timbo King - One Day (3:03)
Side 2
1. Letia Larock, C Mone & Sima Lee - Not Like Us (4:03)
2. Leathafase - Bang On Me (feat DJ Furious P) (3:22)
3. Ruste Juxx, Cyrus Malachi & Nasheron - From BK To UK (3:25)
4. Sima Lee - Look My Way (3:34)
5. Sean Price & Ruste Juxx - I'm Show Ya (4:21)
6. Hell Razah, Melanin 9 & Kevlaar 7 - Three Kings

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