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Trust In Numbers

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Another indie-Balearic crossover album from Sweden's Service imprint, this is  lushly produced, blissful pop, all shoegazer meloncholy but with an MOR sheen. Studio dude D.Lissvik has mixed up a sound that's tuneful like Crepes, but with a gently grooving bottom end : streamlined rhythms (shades of St. Etienne) and wistful, lovelorn melodies create a cozy, hypnotic quality that pulls you in. There's some fantastic songwriting here, (similar to those other Scando masters Radio Dept. and Magnet)  but a more recent comparison would be with a softer, slightly adrift  Empire Of The Sun, or on the dancier numbers maybe Pheonix's first album.  For me though, this goes right back (via The Field Mice, of all people!?)  to 4AD and late 80s UK shoegazing. Combining that with such a gorgeous, smooth production is a winning combination. Recommended.


Andy says: Dream-pop goes (fantasy) mainstream! Anyone remember The Frazier Chorus?!


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