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Kings of Convenience's third album, "Declaration Of Dependence", is a wonderful record for a lot of reasons. For one, Eirik Bøe is equally comfortable talking about the record's 'serious ideas' and laughing about its 'hi-brow Bossa Nova' moments while his partner Erlend Øye is clearly thrilled by making, 'the most rhythmical pop record ever that features no percussion or drums'. For another, there is no one who makes records like they do. 'When we started out we were afraid of sounding like other artists', Erlend says. 'But now we feel pretty much alone'. But the most striking thing about this album is how powerfully it reminds you that making music together is not a game, it's not something to be undertaken lightly, this record is part of a much larger picture, a long and involved relationship that has had its good and bad times.

As beautiful as you would expect - and songs like "Second To Numb", "Rule My World" and "24-25" are as perfectly realised as anything they've ever written – "Declaration Of Dependence" also marks the beginning of a new era for the duo. The record began to take shape in February 2007 when they met up on the same beach in Mexico that is pictured on the album's cover. The pair came together to play a concert in the city the following month, the first time they had appeared together in more than two years. They shared a feeling that there was another record to be made. 'Really', says Eirik 'We had no choice'.

"Declaration Of Dependence" is the story of two people living two very different lives sensing that they are immensely more powerful together than apart. In that sense it is the most adult, the most mature record Kings of Convenience have ever made. That it is their most gripping, their most revealing is, if anything, just a by-product of that honesty and their endeavour.


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