Dan Sartain

Bohemian Grove / Atheist Funeral

Image of Dan Sartain - Bohemian Grove / Atheist Funeral
Record Label
Third Man Records

About this item

Dan Sartain started out in 2001 self-producing and self-releasing his first two albums, "Crimson Guard" and "Romance In Stereo", before moving to Swami Records for the groundbreaking "Dan Sartain vs. The Serpientes" and "Join Dan Sartain". He's been called the no-wave Johnny Cash, and although it's a title with a lot of flash, it's also somewhat misleading. Comparisons to Johnny Cash are inevitably futile. But what Dan is is another vital link in the rock and roll visionary chain stretching from Rufus Thomas to Glenn Danzig to O.D.B. He's a fiercely independent romantic like no other and Third Man Records proud to be working with him. Third Man Records presents two new Jack White-produced songs in their Blue Series of 7" records written and performed by Dan Sartain, sounding nothing like anything he's recorded in the past. "Bohemian Grove" is an almost Ethiopiques-influenced jazz-style groover and the B-side is called "Atheist Funeral". Enough said. Mr Jack White plays piano on "Bohemian Grove".

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