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Debbs Leggs

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Fire Records

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There's a hell of a strange sound emanating from The Fire Studios at the moment. From out of the barred windows comes a low and pulsing throb. From under the doors seeps an echoing piano. Through the vents comes a psychedelic wash of guitars and drones, spilling out into the dark, snaking round trees and disturbing the moths. Haunted melodies echo down the quiet Hackney back roads. And the voice that accompanies this dislocated but beautiful noise is by turns that of a man who has drunk too much and then a man who fears he has not drunk enough. Perhaps he has seen too much or is afraid he has not seen enough and that time is running out. All the band will tell you about Debbie Leggo however, is that she is 'one sexy fucking bitch'. They say she is not a pretentious woman believing in herself and her music beyond all else and neither is she affiliated with the colourful plastic brick making Lego company. Instead, the passion of music past flows in her veins and the fury from music of the quieted present too. They say she stands for the belief in high art over fashion in this lacklustre era. But what can I tell you about Debbie Leggo? Are they sexy fucking bitches? That's not for me to say but their sound is voluptuous, siren-like and steeped in urban exotic. They will get their claws into you. They comprise of Chrystabel Riley (drums), Oliver Martin (guitar) and Sam Mac (Bass); featuring vocals by Scottish street poet Gerry Mitchell. Musically they are fearless intranauts coming on like The Fall, Guru Guru, Arab Strap and Loop. Their space rock, their freak folk, their Krautrock takes a medicated trajectory; a narcotic arc above the streets of North London.

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