After Robots

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BLK JKS (pronounced Black Jacks) pretty much defy categorisation. With a wrecking crew rhythm section and debonair vocals, BLK JKS bring a spirit of no-holds-barred freeform expression and mix'n'match eclecticism to their extraordinary music. Hailing from Johannesburg, they were discovered and brought to New York by super-producer Diplo and have already appeared on the cover of America's prestigious Fader magazine. They have been described variously as the city's 'first trendy rock'n'roll export', 'the sound of a new South Africa' and 'an example of the post-apartheid nation's new cultural momentum and boundary-breaking sensibility'. BLK JKS shoot an African music sensibility through the tenets of rock. On the one hand it is easy to politicize BLK JKS; here is a band that is instantly young, black and fly even as they reclaim styles that have been stolen, watered down, and regurgitated for generations. And yet to get caught up in anything but their sound is to sell this phenomenon short, because as musicians - as artists - BLK JKS simply cook. The band's fresh, forward rhythm, layered harmony and elliptical guitar vernacular reveal the urban Zulu blues of mbaqanga that is the center of BLK JKS songwriting.

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