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Eats Darkness

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Apostle Of Hustle is Andrew Whiteman (lead guitarist of Broken Social Scene), bassist Julian Brown (Feist), and Dean Stone on drums. Each highly regarded for their individual accomplishments in their craft, together they create a sound that is incredibly unique, thought-provoking, and fuelled by a raw, explosive energy. With "Eats Darkness", they once again push the boundaries of contemporary indie rock. Based on the notion that the greatest art is often drawn from the darkest of experiences (consuming darkness to expel light), the band delivers an unconventional and truly original body of work that will continue to satisfy loyal fans and attract new listeners. Andrew Whiteman describes "Eats Darkness" as a concept album; more of a serial poem of the struggles people endure. 'Battles, from the macro to the micro; songs about tactics and attitudes needed in life during wartime. Each track is like tapas at the banquet of conflict.'

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