Stiff Little Fingers

Inflammable Material

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You know you're in the presence of greatness right from the blazing opening bars of 'Suspect Device', a blast of barely produced heat whose fiercly non-aligned, anti-sectarian sentiment sets the tone for all that follows. Burning, often humourous, always articulate lyrics are delivered with scorn and passion via Jake Burns' sore throat growl over a lofi, almost live melodic punk backdrop, drawing inspiration not just from it's peers (mainly the Jam and The Clash) but also from folk and rock'n'roll. There are moments - many of them - of raw punk perfection on this album; it would be hard not to be swept along by the searing melody and heartfelt anger of 'Wasted Life' or the aching punky reggae of 'Johnny Was', their message undiluted by production values. Released in 1979, this album was Rough Trade's first, and what an introduction it was; if you want an album that captures the spirit and exhilaration of the punk/indie label scene of the time, you would struggle to do better than this.

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