Holly Throsby

A Loud Call

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Woo Me!

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The album includes performances from a handful of very special guests including Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (singing duet on "Would You") and members of Lambchop and The Silver Jews (Matt Swanson on bass, Tony Crow on synth and William Tyler on electric guitar). Strings and horns were recorded in Kangaroo Valley by Tony Dupe. "A Loud Call" was recorded in a brick house on a leafy street in Nashville, Tennessee by engineer and producer Mark Nevers (Lambchop, Andrew Bird, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy). Partly written on the road , partly written at home, the songs on "A Loud Call" find their inspiration in the tenuous gaps between hope and resignation, romance and indecision, nostalgia and rejuvenation. From the swelling guitar feedback and beds of vocal harmonies which engulf the opening track ("Warm Jets") to the odd-pop, bicycle wheel percussion of "Time It Takes" and the bright sparks of trumpets and pizzicato cellos on "A Heart Divided" the album is richer and more full bodied than its predecessors. But for all it's diversity, "A Loud Call" is effortlessly cohesive: quotidian narratives, epigrams against heartbreak, and vivid, otherworldly fragments are anchored by Holly's distinctive phrasing and lyrical concision.

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