Days And Nights Of Love And War

Image of Capital - Days And Nights Of Love And War
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Fierce Panda

About this item

Capital live by the seaside. They make broodingly sensitive mini-epics painstakingly forged from the best bits of the early 80's, the coolest parts of the early 00's and some spare melodic shrapnel found lying around in the corner of the studio. "Days And Nights Of Love And War" is a snapshot of a new band merrily finding their musical feet, pure and simple. Recorded pretty much by Capital themselves at home in Eastbourne on a budget of three pence and a bag of crisps this six-track introductory shortplayer doesn't actually include terrific debut single "Bright Lights", nor fearsomely fine live finale "Someone", nor indeed future ace single-in-waiting "Trespassing". What it does include however is a couple of heroic indiesynthrock anthems in the form of lead-off single "Ruin" and "Public Square", and a brace of weeping nuggets in "Hey There" and "Earphones" (itself some kind of distant cousin of "Tiny Children" by Teardrop Explodes). Chuck in the sleek disco ball-spinning "Broken Glass" and the massive pop enigma of "Easier To Leave" and you have yourself one smart wee shortplaying release.

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