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Listening Tree

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With a career that started out in drum and bass on Moving Shadow, you might not expect Tim Exile to have made this album. It's a sprawling dark electro-pop / electronica masterpiece, drawing on baroque and industrial influences, as well as demonstrating his knack for great hooks and sonic experimentation. Like some kind of off the wall IDM Depeche Mode, "Listening Tree" has Exile collecting together all his past production ideas and sounds (D&B, electronica, glitch-laden beat-fests) and using them to create proper songs, with vocals and everything.

1. Don't Think We're One
2. Family Galaxy
3. Fortress
4. There's Nothing Left Of Me But Her And This
5. Pay Tomorrow
6. Bad Dust
7. Carouselle
8. When Every Day's A Number
9. Listening Tree
10. I Saw The Weak Hand Fall

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