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Holy Mountain

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A rock band for the rave generation? Or a rave band for modern day rockers? "Dos" single-handedly flew across genres and took us all into the heady world of psychedelia, San Francisco and guitars. Melodies and hooks so beautifully transcendental that they cannot be ignored, whatever musical camp you occupy. Ripley Johnson's epic riffs cascade with elegance over drummer, Omar Ahsanuddin's rabid, ferocious yet mechanical clattering; organ and bass (Nash Whalen / Dusty Jermier) rumble and stir the thick psych stew while vocals rise and fall like whispering angels. While "Dos" is accessible and welcoming, it's cross-over potential should not cloud it's creditability as one fuzz heavy, psychedelic rock masterpiece and while it's production and style draw from the past, it's energy, charisma and euphoria lift it well beyond any of it's contemporaries in 2009. A God-like album for one and all.


1. Motorbike
2. For So Long
3. Down By The Sea
4. Aquarian Time
5. Fallin'

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