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The Future Will Come

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Four years on from their debut DFA album "Less Than Human", John Maclean gathered the Juan Maclean posse (Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem, Jerry Fuchs - RIP - formerly of !!!, and Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel of Holy Ghost!) together again for a brand new long player. This time round Maclean wanted to make a male / female duet album, and took his main inspiration from the Human League. But if you're now thinking that "The Future Will Come" is a sad Oakey and Co. pastiche, think again, as "Dare" was just the jump-off point. As well as the title track sounding more "Being Boiled" than "Don't You Want Me Baby", we also get taken for a ride along Kraftwerkian motorik rhythms ("The Station"), via uplifting piano house (breakout single "Happy House"), acid house ("No Time") and electrodisco (previous single "The Simple Life"), with everything sounding superb to these ears. Like label-mates LCD Soundsystem, The Juan Maclean know how to write proper songs that work on both the dancefloor and back at home while you're doing the ironing. This is an underground pop-dance album that would, in an ideal world, be number one in the charts, but instead it will have to make do with a nailed-on Piccadilly Records recommendation: We heart this LP!


1. The Simple Life
2. The Future Will Come
3. One Day
4. A New Bot
5. Tonight
6. No Time
7. Accusations
8. The Station
9. Human Disaster
10. Happy House

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