Choir Of Young Believers


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Chess Club

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Choir Of Young Believers are a new Danish act led by 26 year old, Jannis Noya Makrigiannis, who for many years was part of the legendary, Lake Placid. Choir Of Young Believers now includes the breathtaking orchestration of 8 others which paired with Jannis's otherwordly vocals builds sand castles in sound. They are one of those rare transportive bands, whose music grabs at your soul and drowns out the miserable monotony of every day life around you. "Action/Reaction" is their UK debut and is an intriguing, genre crossing, introduction to a world according to the believers. Jannis's vocals echo those of an early sun-kissed Brian Wilson, giving an intelligent pop lecture about, 'spending time walking spirals and line, did I honestly ever believe. A change of the mind and a change of position, no reaction no reaction'. Each new listen brings out another colour, another feeling.

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