Dredd Foole & Ed Yazijian

That Lonesome Road Between Hurt And Soul

Image of Dredd Foole & Ed Yazijian - That Lonesome Road Between Hurt And Soul
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Bo' Weavil

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Dredd Foole (Dan Ireton) and Ed Yazijian met while wandering the shadowy corners of the Boston 80s post-punk scene. Ed was playing in such avant-rock combos as High Risk Group and 7 or 8 Wormhearts (and the original pre-LP Cul de Sac). Dan had just dissolved Dredd Foole & the Din, tired of rock as a form and the extraordinary loudness of the group. He wanted a chance to do some real singing. Ed was feeling a need for something more subtle and embraced the idea of actually being able to hear what he played. They set out to turn the world onto the largely acoustic folk and free improv stew they had cooked up. The rock audiences of Boston where not impressed. Indifference and downright hostility were the norm. There was talk of an LP and some tentative recordings were done. But before anything could materialize, frustration took over and Dan decided to retire from performing music altogether. Ed went back to rock music with Kustomized. And eventually, Dan bought a four-track and recorded the LP "In Quest of Tense" (which some consider the opening salvo of the free-folk movement) with Ed appearing on one track. But by the time it was released, they had gone their separate ways. Years later by a series of coincidences they reconnected. (Ed was in Chicago, Dan had moved to Vermont) and they found that when they played together again it seemed nothing had been lost. They did a short tour with comrades and friends Damon & Naomi and eventually played the now legendary Brattleboro Free Folk Festival. They found that audiences were now more open to their efforts. A couple of years passed during which Dan released three solo records and a record with a new improvisational Din (which included Chris Corsano, Thurston Moore and the members of Pelt). Ed recorded and released his brilliant solo record, Six Ways to Avoid the Evil Eye and was even caught playing live with folks like Richard Bishop and Sunburned Hand of the Man. Then, against all odds, February 2008 found Ed & Dan recording with Ed at the helm in Foole's Ashram in Brattleboro for the better part of a week. "That Lonesome Road Between Hurt And Soul" is the result of those sessions. Some improvisations are built on Dan's songs played in a totally unfettered manner. One is based on a tune by J. Mascis (Dan has been playing this one solo live for a while). And some were recorded as they were created. Long talked about, long awaited, years in the making the Dredd Foole & Ed Yazijian recordings are finally here.

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