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Skeletons were born in Ohio, in the belly of a music school located in the state's poorest county. After self-releasing three long-players on the Shinkoyo label, they refined their particular brand of pop music with the release of "Git" as Skeletons & the Girl Faced Boys. Dispersing across the big country after each tour, the band was drawn one-by-one to New York City and eventually needed a new headquarters. They found an old empty sweatshop, built rooms, dangerously dabbled in electrical work, put in a washing machine and the now infamous "Silent Barn" was born. They hosted shows and recorded the acclaimed "Lucas" there, credited to Skeletons & the Kings of All Cities, and named after the town in Kansas where the Garden of Eden is. After years of physical and psychological testing, touring as a trio, quintet, octet or more, which sometimes changed its name between songs on stage, the Skeletons band is now four: Jonathan Leland, Tony Lowe, Jason McMahon and Matt Mehlan.

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