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Locust Music

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"Clomeim" is an evolution, a vital document of change in The No-Neck Blues Band's 15 plus years of para-musical activity. This pivotal recording is a creative distillation of the collective at a new and startling saturation point. For three rainy days in March 2007, the seven-headed hydra that is NNCK holed up in Black Dirt Studios, their newly outfitted recording studio in the foothills of upstate New York. With a discipline and a clarity of vision they've rarely displayed before, the collective channeled all of their energies into hours of recording live, real-time improvisation. After months spent sculpting and recasting the raw material, "Clomeim" emerged - a distinct whole, recalling in its parts the communal howl of Algarnas Tradgard, the dead spirit channeling of Geino Yamashiro Gumi, the glacial shadowplay of "Heresie" era Univers Zero, and Krautrock zenith Faust at their finest hour. "Clomeim" is that rare hybrid - a rock exterior with a cryptic, experimental core; a dense groover and a burning, exploratory psychedelic grimoire for the new dark ages.

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