Ted Barnes

Portal Nou

Image of Ted Barnes - Portal Nou
Record Label
Mornington Records

About this item

"Portal Nou" is the much-anticipated third album by renowned British musician Ted Barnes and the debut release on Ted's own label Mornington Records. Written and recorded between his home on the Kent coast and time spent on the Regents Canal in London, and inspired by the recent birth of his son, the record marks a new phase in Barnes' personal and musical life. Although it still displays some of the melancholia of his previous work, "Portal Nou", which is Spanish for 'new gateway', is lighter and appropriately buoyant. Coming after the widely critically acclaimed and characteristically dark second album, "Underbelly", the new record offers a more optimistic outlook and brings with it elements of humour and a playfulness. Somewhat of a departure for Barnes, the album is also the first to include songs for which he has written lyrics ("All That's Real", "Dreams & Hopes"), alongside a body of instrumental tracks. It also features an impressive array of guest lyricists and vocalists, many with whom he is a long-term collaborator, including Beth Orton, Gavin Clark (Sunhouse / Clayhill / Unkle), Francoiz Breut (Calexico / Yan Tierson), Dan Michaelson (Absentee) and Kathryn Williams. Restrained yet incredibly powerful, Barnes treats the voice as another instrument rather than the overriding force of a song, and manages to create a hypnotic and absorbing continuity throughout the album.

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