The Durutti Column

Sunlight To Blue... Blue To Blackness

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"Sunlight To Blue... Blue To Blackness": This was one of the more upbeat title suggestions for the very bare, back to basics, reflective new album from The Durutti Column. Vini Reilly has recorded under the name The Durutti Column since 1978 and has a rich portfolio of work, releasing over 15 albums in this time, but Reilly has been through some dark times the past year. In a conscious response to his last two polished and studio-based releases he has created some sparse, simply beautiful 'sketches' as he once called them, more reminiscent of his work from the early eighties. Many of the pieces are simply instrumentals played on his Juan Montero flamenco guitar, and he returns to "Without Mercy" for the last track "Grief" and reinvents "Never Known" from LC. This release also sees the debut of a talented young pianist and singer, Poppy Morgan, who co-wrote the melancholy "Ananda" as a duet with what Reilly dryly calls 'intrusive guitar'. For the uninitiated, Vini was the first artist signed to Manchester's influential Factory Records, co-wrote and played on Morrissey's first solo album "Viva Hate", and was heavily featured in the film about Manchester music culture, '24 Hour Party People'. Ever critical of Vini's voice, but ever a fierce champion of his talent, the late Tony Wilson would surely appreciate this return of The Durutti Column.

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