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Raising Sand - 2022 Vinyl Repress

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From its embryonic, conceptual stages - well before any music materialized - the mere idea of "Raising Sand" held infinite fascination for both its creators and those around them. As word spread of an impending musical collaboration between Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, imaginations ran wild. Two artists, each at the pinnacle of their respective pantheons, Robert and Alison have seemingly little in common. But just below the surface, an elemental understanding flowed between them, waiting to be tapped. Mutual admirers for some time, Plant and Krauss first performed together at a concert celebrating the music of Leadbelly. That great man's sound - spry and playful, yet marked by an undercurrent of torment and loss - is a keyhole into the sound world unlocked on "Raising Sand". After their initial collaboration proved promising, Plant and Krauss brought producer T Bone Burnett into the fold to help them investigate a more sustained, full-scale project. Charged with selecting both supporting musicians and material that would illuminate the connection between these two unique artists, Burnett succeeded wondrously. Built on a shared core of modal blues and country soul, filtered through alternating layers of unadorned tenderness and thick, shifting textures, the sounds on "Raising Sand" extend well beyond anyone's expectations.


1 Rich Woman 4:05
2 Killing The Blues 4:17
3 Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us 3:25
4 Polly Come Home 5:39
5 Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On) 3:34
6 Through The Morning, Through The Night 4:03
7 Please Read The Letter 5:55
8 Trampled Rose 5:34
9 Fortune Teller 4:32
10 Stick With Me Baby 2:51
11 Nothin' 5:35
12 Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson 4:02
13 Your Long Journey 3:55


'Killing The Blues'

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