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Featuring Hawkwind's classic line-up, which included vocalist/guitarist (and band constant) Dave Brock and bassist/occasional vocalist Lemmy (soon to depart and form Motorhead), 1973's "Space Ritual" is monolithic in stature and stands as the group's most impressive live (if not overall) recording. Although the ensemble often garnered comparisons to Pink Floyd, Hawkwind was far more aggressive than Waters, Gilmour, and company, charging through a potent, freeform set of cosmic freakouts (the trippy "Earth Calling") and rumbling metal ("Lord of Light" sounds like Black Sabbath in lunar orbit).

While the entire outing is stellar, the British space-rock group really hits a stride during the epic "Orgone Accumulator", which settles into a deep, acid groove. Although the spoken-word segments (most notably a recitation of sci-fi/fantasy author Michael Moorcock's "Black Corridor" by vocalist/poet Bob Calvert) might not suit everyone, "Space Ritual" endures as both a document of its era and one of Hawkwind's finest releases.


1. Earth Calling
2. Born To Go
3. Down Through The Night
4. Awakening
5. Lord Of Light
6. Black Corridor
7. Space Is Deep
8. Electronic No 1
9. Orgone Accumulator
10. Upside Down
11. Ten Seconds Of Forever
12. Brainstorm
13. Seven By Seven
14. Sonic Attack
15. Time We Left This World Today
16. Master Of The Universe
17. Welcome To The Future
18. You Shouldn't Do That
19. Masters Of The Universe (2)
20. Born To Go

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