Heralds Of Change

Puzzles EP - 2017 Repress

Image of Heralds Of Change - Puzzles EP - 2017 Repress
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All City

About this item

Great record by Mike Slott and Hudson Mohawke aka Heralds of Change. Six productions with killer drums, fresh programming and clever vocal chops, going from the banging, boom-bap of 'Work That', serious head-nodders like "Winery" & "Asswank" and deeper excursions like "Future" or "Amuse". It's got that full-throttle, technicoloured intensity of Hudmo, plus the drunkard wonkiness of Slott,10 yrs have passed since this one first hit stores. Hud Mo and Mike Slott were right in the middle of a lively and formative beats scene that linked Glasgow to Dublin to London to L.A. to Tokyo to Vienna to Sydney to ..... the Myspace era. Still a big tip on this one - let's take it from the T O P! 


1. Future
2. Ass Wank
3. Amuse
4. Spotted
5. Winery
6. Work That 

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