Fuzz Appearance


Image of Fuzz Appearance - Stickleback
Record Label
Summerisle Township

About this item

Fuzz Appearance are a young Brighton/Worthing based band who've been together for just under a year. They are heavily influenced by old indie bands such as The Smiths and The Cure, plus new bands such as Larrikin Love and fellow Brighton locals The Maccabees. This, their debut release is a limited run of 300 copies on Brighton's hip hop beats label Summerisle Township. They are the label's token indie band. As they are all under 18, 20 out of their last 24 gigs have been cancelled due to them being underage and not allowed to play. Despite hampering their progress somewhat, the band have picked up many local plaudits from local promoters due their short raucous live sets.

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