King Kong

Buncha Beans

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Record Label
Drag City

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The new sounds came to King Kong from Paul Oldham's Rove Studio in Shelbyville, Kentucky. Working with Paul, Ethan gave more depth to the production, a classic rock feeling. Louisville guitar hero Wink O'Bannon showed Ethan some guitar licks to aid Ethan's pursuit of more rock-and-roll types of guitar solos. And this is the first King Kong album featuring Pete Townsend on drums, bringing fresh rhythms to the King Kong sound. Already declared 'crazy-good' by the Louisville Courier-Journal, "Buncha Beans" is now ready to take on the world. Let the musical fruit rock your funky soul! King Kong is a star in the firmament of indie rock dating back to 1989. "Buncha Beans" is the sixth King Kong album.

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