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Ring Ring Oo Oo

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The Magnificents are finally ready to unleash "Year of Explorers", their long-awaited second album - to precede that, the fellers are 'dropping' a cheeky little sneak preview, the "Ring Ring Oo Oo EP". The EP showcases the sound The Magnificents have meticulously crafted with esteemed producers Damian Taylor (Bjork, Unkle) and John Cummings (Mogwai). Whereas the first LP was fuelled by raw punk power and electrifying synth-laden excess, the sophomore release promises a more measured approach to songwriting, a result of touring with the likes of Trans Am, the Beta Band and Mogwai. The Magnificents' redoubtable knack for dreaming up dancefloor-friendly melodies remains very much a priority. As an extra treat, the EP features a cheeky Mogwai remix of live favourite "Blueprint", now re-titled "Greenprint".

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