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Sound Of Silver

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Recorded in upstate New York over the summer of 2006, "Sound Of Silver" is an ambitious step up from LCD Soundsystem's eponymous debut album. Not only does it drop all those stylistic references we love here at Piccadilly Records (punk-funk, Krautrock, early 80s Euro-disco, post-punk guitar music etc), going far beyond the simple pastiche of many bands around vying for the LCD crown, but then combines these with some excellent song writing from James Murphy. So, the expected disco-pogo guitars-meet-synths club anthems of "North American Scum", "Us V Them" and "Watch The Tapes" mingle with emotive home-listening songs like "Someone Great", "All My Friends" and "New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down". Where "LCD Soundsystem" came across as a collection of singles (albeit brilliant singles!), "Sound Of Silver" feels like a proper, well thought out long player. In short: Same sound, better songs.


1. Get Innocuous!
2. Time To Get Away
3. North American Scum
4. Someone Great
5. All My Friends
6. Us V. Them
7. Watch The Tapes
8. Sound Of Silver
9. New York I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down

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