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Boasting 12 tracks that bristle with razor-sharp lyrics, shimmering melodies and incandescent beats, "Overtones" is Just Jack's sophomore album, following up 2003's "The Outer Marker". Neither bound by musical restrictions nor the notional idea of cool, he's taken the sum of his individual influences and turned them into this unique, genre-hopping, jump-up album. Highlights include the muted, pulsing melodies of "Disco Friends" (who hasn't got several of those?), the twisted synths of "I Talk Too Much", the striking acoustics of "Hold On" and of course brilliant singles "Writer's Block" and "Starz In Their Eyes". While he fits into the new school of British storytelling, his music isn't ashamed to wear its party heart on its sleeve. Just Jack isn't angsty or self-regarding. He knows that a delicious, sly groove is the best way to access the soul – and does exactly that.

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