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Rough Trade Shops - Counter Culture 06

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The Rough Trade shop once again bring us their annual round-up of shop favourites. From the meditative piano pulse electronics of Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto to Hush Arbors' Velvet Underground-influenced psyche-rock sorcery, from Lily Allen's helplessly upbeat 70's cockney ska biscuit to Peter Bjorn And John's super hooky space pop, from Scritti Politti's hip hop lullaby to Crystal Castles' lo-fi and no-wave slo-disco, and from Erase Errata's politically-savvy skronky dance punk to Xerox Teens' messed up pneumatic noise - we have the best of everything here, the hottest bands around, old friends returning in fine style. Monkey Swallows the Universe's melancholic indie-pop, Ladybug's favela-electro, Ripchord's son rock (in opposition to dad of course), Burial's grime-score, soundtracking the urban sprawl, Treecreepers powerpop resurrection, Uffie's crystal clear fembot pop, Wolf Eyes' sonic tornado - the list goes on and on and on and on. 2006 was a diverse year for music, and while it may be confusing for those who liked it when it was just skins, punks and greasers, well, they will just have to try and keep up keeping up.

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