The Paybacks

Love. Not Reason

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Record Label
Savage Jams

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The Paybacks came swaggering out of Detroit at the turn of the century, when like-minded artists like the White Stripes and the Go were creeping into the rock mainstream with a similar sound. Their first major recorded effort was a track on Sympathy for the Record Industry's "Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit", but the full-length "Knock Loud" appeared on Get Hip Records in 2002. "Love Not Reason" is their 3rd full length album. There are those who would scoff at the notion that "Cat Scratch Fever" is poetry. Detroit's The Paybacks aren't among them. On "Love, Not Reason", the band strips back the covers to reveal some naked truths about love and its many rapturous, painful, exhilarating and perplexing manifestations - the highest highs, lowest lows and all the throbbing, confusing parts in the middle. Still staying true to their blistering dirty metallic garage rock sound but these days more soulful.

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