Art Of Noise

Beat Box

Image of Art Of Noise - Beat Box
Record Label
ZTT / Island

About this item

Nowadays we may well be sick of the sight of Paul Morley and his reminiscences thanks to Channel 4's endless c'n'c top 100 shows, but back in the early 80s he was one of the most interesting people around, although probably still a gobshite then. This early single was on the label (ZTT) and band (Art Of Noise) that he helped create, although most musical props go to producer Trevor Horn. "Beat Box" was one of the pioneering cut'n'paste tracks which made use of early sampling equipment to create a while different dimension of sound. Indeed "Beat Box (Diversion Two)" itself was sampled by the group and used to make their iconic "Close (To The Edit)" single a year later.

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