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Ice Cream For Crow

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Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band recorded thirteen albums over fifteen years which, given their frequency, chart one of the most fertile musical minds of the late twentieth century. One of the five studio-albums in this re-mastered series, "Ice Cream For Crow" was first released in 1982 and was the musical swansong in the career of Beefheart. Recorded with the inevitable Magic Band line-up change as a result of personal and financial conflict, the album nevertheless contains some extrordinary highlights and includes possibly the most 'radio friendly' of all Beefheart releases in the title track. Indeed the video for "Ice Cream For Crow" has been included in the permanent collection at the New York Museum Of Modern Art. Perhaps the most accessible of the 'hardcore' Beefheart albums it was criticially well received with the New Yorker recommending it to 'anyone who is interested in rock's limits and possibilities, and in where the music might be going', however, sadly for the thousands of Beefheart die hard's, the album represented his final music offering before concentrating on his work on canvass.

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