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Doc At The Radar Station

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Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band recorded thirteen albums over fifteen years which, given their frequency, chart one of the most fertile musical minds of the late twentieth century. One of the five studio-albums in this re-mastered series, "Doc At The Radar Station", was release in 1980 and followed the release of "Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)". Recorded in Hollywood in May 1980 the album was harder and more powerful than its predecessor. This was in accordance with Beefheart's desire to make his music more two dimensional, like a painting. Beefheart stripped away all the excess, culling any unnecessary reverb and echo on the tracks in an effort to give the music more space. Including some extraordinary pieces like "Mkaing Love To Monkey With A Vampire On My Knee" and "Flavour Bud Living" the album is widely regarded as Beefheart's strongest album of his latter years - as the New York Times trumpetted - '"Doc at the Radar Station" finds a neglected American genius back in the rock vanguard, and that's surely where he belongs.'

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