Blood Meridian

Kick Up The Dust

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Blood Meridian singer/songwriter Matthew Camirand is a man with a diverse rock and roll history. At the moment, he's completely focused on Blood Meridian. Camirands' band mates in Blood Meridian are Vancouver rock-scene luminaries Joshua Wells, Shira Blustein, Kevin Grant and Jeff Lee. Together, they've created 12 stunningly diverse tracks for days when the skies are slate-grey and Jim Beam is the only friend worth turning to. About half of "Kick Up The Dust" was recorded in Vancouver at The Hive Studios, which has recently spit out another couple of Camirand / Wells projects, Black Mountain and Pink Mountaintops. The other half was tracked on Vancouver Island at Shawnigan Lake, where the bands' friend Dante Decaro (Wolf Parade, Hot Hot Heat) has built a small studio aptly named 'Deadwood'.

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