Shibuya Crossings

Songs For Lovesick Teenagers

Image of Shibuya Crossings - Songs For Lovesick Teenagers
Record Label
Tragically Magic Records

About this item

Brainchild of guitarist/singer/songwriter Declan Harrington, Shibuya Crossings are originally from Belfast, evolving out of the ashes of the popular Indie Rock outfit Jude. Shibuya Crossings' sound is melodic, driving alternative rock in which tuneful and often spiky guitars weave and spar, vocal harmonies are used in just the right measure and memorable hooks abound. Declan's voice is warm and soulful, tough enough to deliver the punkier anthems, versatile enough to deal with the slower, more pensive moments. They've been compared to the likes of the Beach Boys, Flaming Lips, Nirvana, Evan Dando and Idlewild.

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