It's Never Been Like That

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Loved by a few record-shop bods due to the gloriously freed-up 70's soft-rock meets funky cheese-pop of their debut, Phoenix hit a wider audience when one of their songs was brilliantly used in Sofia Coppola's "Lost In Translation". Their second album ("Alphabetical", a Piccadilly favourite in 2004) saw a more sophisticated, modern-sounding, soul-pop groove emerge, so on first listen "INBLT" comes as something of a surprise. This is an urgent, stripped back, band-in-a-room sound, an indie-ish guitar record not unlike The Strokes. Once you're over the surprise, Thomas Mars' gorgeous voice and rambling vocals soon reel you in, and the songs themselves are superb. This is a band who are clearly in-love with 'being in a band' and this record is a super-fresh snapshot of that. Recommended.

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