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Richard's third solo album (his fourth if you include the self titled mini album). It was recorded at Yellowarch Studio in his hometown of Sheffield and is a beautiful album, filled with nostalgia, emotion and romance. Its orchestral splendour sits alongside earthy rock and roll, with songs that are by turns intimate and soaring. You'll know of his time spent with Pulp, perhaps pass on his tenure in The Longpigs, and maybe be intrigued by his audition for Morrissey; all that will fade, however, as song by classic song socks you where it matters. Hawley is a massive talent in his own right, and this must be one of the most romantic albums of the year. Gorgeous.


Martin says: Inevitably lovely music from a thoroughly lovely chap. A clear nod in the direction of Lee Hazlewood, Scott Walker and Roy Orbison, but shot through a distinctly northern English lens; the tales are touching, nostalgic and sentimental, the mood is of a man lost in life and love. 'Ocean' is an aching, gorgeous highlight, as is the sublime drift of the gorgeous 'Last Orders' which closes the album.

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