Song To Comus - The Complete Collection

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As it says on the box this a complete collection of the output of this legendary strange-folk-rock band, who were a major influence on the likes of Current 93 and many of the new folk generation. We kick off with seminal and utterly essential weird-folk classic album "First Utterance", extremely original and extremely dangerous this album represents the pinnacle of the brand of dark, occultist folk that Comus championed. Disturbing lyrical imagery is matched by the black intensity of the playing to create a sound that is Comus' own. Next up there's the three tracks from the EP "Dawn", and a previously unreleased track, "All The Colours Of Darkness". Over on the second disc, for the first time on CD, we have their second and ultimatly final album which was originally released on Virgin in 1974. A more commercial and progressive sound was showcased on "To Keep From Crying", but there are enough tracks here to keep anyone who was bewitched by their classic debut more than happy! And to finish off the collection we have the two tracks from the Roger Wootton solo single.

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