Belle And Sebastian

Push Barman To Open Old Wounds

Image of Belle And Sebastian - Push Barman To Open Old Wounds

About this item

A chronological  collection of all 25 songs from Belle and Sebastian’s seven Jeepster EP and single releases compiled on an album for the first time. The inner sleeve features the original artwork from the individual EP releases. The sleeve image will aim to explain the origins of the album’s title.

The songs included here date back to the early days of the band’s career in 1997 when they released 3 four track EPs ("Dog On Wheels", "Lazy Line Painter Jane" and "3..6..9 Seconds of Light") to bridge the time between the release of their albums If You’re Feeling Sinister (1996) and The Boy With The Arab Strap (1998). Also included is their most successful single "Legal Man". The set concludes with the band’s last Jeepster single release "I’m Waking up To Us".

None of these songs, which are virtually all remastered for this collection, have ever featured on Belle & Sebastian’s albums and, as individual catalogue singles become increasingly difficult to track down.

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