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Mr Scruff (Mrs Cruff)

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Ninja Tune

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At last, Mr Scruff's 1997 self-titled (although often referred to as "Mrs Cruff") debut album gets re-issued! It's a fantastic collection of instrumental tracks indelibly marked with Scruff's sampladelic cheekiness and fat, deep BASS heavyness. Opening with the soundsystem-like "Sea Mammal", the album works its way through head-nodding hip hop breakers like "Bass Baby" and "Bonce", via the warm jazz moods of "Jazz Potato" and "Night Time" to the funky jazz-breaking "Crisps" and club smash "Chicken In A Box", setting out a statement of intent (fun, funky and fat) for all his future tracks. A welcome return of this northwest classic, I remember obsessing about Scruff early on in my music discovery and I'm proud to see after just over twenty years I wasn't wrong! - this still sound mega today! (not something that can be said about all of Matt's furtive musical steps... - ed).


A. Sea Mammal 8:18
B1. Bass Baby 5:54
B2. Limbic Funk 5:28
C. Chicken In A Box 8:24
D1. Jazz Potato 6:03
D2. Bonce 4:58
E1. Night Time 5:58
E2. After Time 2:30
F. Crisps 6:25

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