A South Bronx Story

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Universal Sound

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Soul Jazz's sister label, Universal Sound, bring us an essential early career round up of New York punk-funk outfit ESG. Along with Liquid Liquid and Bush Tetras they were signed to the seminal 99 Records label in the early 80s and released a handful of influential records to great acclaim on both sides of the pond (Manchester's Factory Records were so impressed they co-financed the release of "You're No Good" and "Moody", getting Martin Hannett to produce the tracks). The four Scroggins sisters Deorah, Renee, Marie and Valerie (plus little brother Tito) tried to make records that imitated like James Brown, but ended up with a totally unique sound that would have only ever been released after punk's 'anyone can do it' attitude came along. There can't be many bands whose claim to fame is playing the opening night at The Hacienda and the closing night at Paradise Garage, but ESG's is just that!

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