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Cold Roses

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Piccadilly staffer Andrew McQueen wrote the following review on this record's release in 2005: The chameleon returns. This time there's no posturing. If you found the 80s underground rock or bleak, broken downer songs a little disorientating, then prepare to be puzzled again. Ryan returns to alt-countryville, but these aren't "Gold"'s singalongs, or "Heartbraker"'s Dylanish rollers. Instead, this double CD meanders beautifully, laid back and unusual, and if anyone springs to mind, this time it's Neil Young. Nothing leaps out but you can feel yourself being drawn in. This isn't a pop record at all. It's too early to tell how great this record is: it's a proper double album with some tricky arrangements, but Ryan's using his gorgeous country voice again and not throwing shapes or trying on hats. The real Ryan Adams has just stood up. Maybe! Watch this space.....


Andy says: A deep, meandering, country rock double album, with some stunning guitar interplay.


Magnolia Mountain 5:52
Sweet Illusions 5:02
Meadowlake Street 4:28
When Will You Come Back Home 4:52
Beautiful Sorta 3:01
Now That You're Gone 3:51
Cherry Lane 4:31
Mockingbird 4:47
How Do You Keep Love Alive 3:12
Easy Plateau 5:11
Let It Ride 3:23
Rosebud 2:55
Cold Roses 4:36
If I Am A Stranger 4:38
Dance All Night 3:15
Blossom 3:15
Life Is Beautiful 4:28
Friends 4:43

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