Mother's Daughter And Other Songs

Image of Tunng - Mother's Daughter And Other Songs
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Static Caravan

About this item

Tunng; edgy yet irresistible, songs that slide under your skin or clamber softly into your ear whilst you sleep. Even the very name is designed to confound. 'It must go into peoples heads, scramble and come out wrong... It brings out the dyslexic in all of us.' What then can you expect? "People Folk" lounges gently over a pagan beat, like the Beta Band lost in the Congo; "Fair Doreen" melds scratchy electronica with a pastoral, quintessentially English dynamic and "Out The Window With The Window" is a spooky semi-instrumental, perfect spot music for The Wicker Man itself. In short this is excellent and a big contender for those end of year charts!!!!

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