Bamnan And Slivercork

Image of Midlake - Bamnan And Slivercork
Record Label
Bella Union

About this item

Formed in the small, quirky Texas town of Denton. Five highly talented musicians from the North Texas School of Music came together to create a unique sound, tapping into an arsenal of technical skill and unbridled creativity. Soon enough, Simon Raymonde stumbled upon them and fell deeply in love with the band, signing them to his label, Bella Union Records. The band continued to work day and night to create what would become their debut album. The result is an album of incredible vision, talent, dedication, and eccentricity that combines bittersweet psychedelic melodies with inspired electronica and warm acoustic sounds, drawing comparisons with the likes of The Flaming Lips and Radiohead. With “The Trials Of Van Occupanther” being one of Piccadilly’s Albums Of The Year in 2006, it's time to re-evaluate this absolute gem from 2004. Whilst it has the wondrous, oddball mystery of The Lips, and the beautiful melody of Radiohead, mostly this sounds like the greatest album Grandaddy never made. If you like these bands then you'll adore this album!

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