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Big Dada

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"Ten" finds Clouddead building on all of the elements that defined their debut: razor-sharp vocal interplay, quirky found-sound samples, ambient drone dreamscapes, lyrics that walk the line between observational and confessional, and a fair share of Nosdam's growl-slow drums. But this album is more than an improvement on a blueprint – it's also a leap forward. Sonically, the record has more depth, and the interplay between Why? and Doseone's voices has become even less 'rap' driven. Individually, Doseone, Why? And Odd Nosdam are as prolific and fearless as anyone in today's new music scene, but together as Clouddead they are able to create music that captures all of the promise of their individual talents in a stunning, unequalled sound. You won't hear many records like "Ten" this decade - let alone this year!

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