Come On Die Young

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Chemikal Underground

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Mogwai are top choice, triple-grade A, USDA prime slowcore. OK, they're from Scotland, but that's beside the point. Mostly an instrumental outfit, they strum and drone their way through the twelve tracks on "Come On Die Young" with a dark spirit that is beautiful, breathtaking and mysterious. Occasionally they'll sing a few bars (the lovely "Cody") and there's restrained use of keyboards and flute throughout. They're also not above descending into a cloud of white noise, as in "Ex-Cowboy". But what makes The 'Gwai a cut above is their deft use of melody. Although it may not be immediately apparent, there's always a singable phrase being performed somewhere. Was Pavement's Stephen Malkmus being ironic or infatuated when he said, 'Mogwai will be the best band of the 21stcentury?' You decide.


1. Punk Rock
2. Cody
3. Helps Both Ways
4. Year 2000 Non Compliant Cardia
5. Kappa
6. Waltz For Aidan
7. May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door
8. Oh How The Dogs Stack Up
9. Ex Cowboy
10. Chocky
11. Christmas Steps
12. Punk Rock/Puff Daddy/Antichrist

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