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Indietronica, post-rock, avant? Whatever, this is clever and moving stuff from this arty Birmingham 3 piece. There's krautrock, psychedelia, clanging minimalism but it wouldn't matter a jot if it wasn't for beautiful singer Trish Keenan's voice. Weirdly empty yet endearingly childlike, too, she floats over and amongst the occasionally languid, often chaotic music. It's like a dream: a late 60's and Tomorrow's World 70's vision of an electronic future that never seems to arrive. Out of time, out of place. What could be better?


Colour Me In 2:51
Pendulum 4:21
Before We Begin 3:22
Valerie 4:04
Man Is Not A Bird 4:52
Minim 3:00
Lunch Hour Pops 3:36
Black Umbrellas 1:08
Ominous Cloud 3:46
Distorsion 2:02
Oh How I Miss You 1:17
The Little Bell 2:48
Winter Now 3:48
Hawk 3:42

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